The word Covid means: Respect, Heavy and Liver. These three different translations for the word Covid represent the three triangles of the body: Brain, Heart and Liver as portrayed in the: Head, Torso and Hips. Respect is in the Head, Heavy is in the Heart and the Liver pushes out the filth from the body. What is God’s message to the world? Perhaps, the human being should respect the Earth, feel the heaviness of our actions and purify the bad from the good.      


שסד) מגו כבד, ויותרת דילה, נפקת מרה, ואיהי חרבא דמלאך המות, דנפקו מנה טפין מרירן לקטלא בני נשא. ואחריתה מרה כלענה. ואיהי תליא בכבד, כל מרעין ומותא 

ביה תליין   


Zohar, Parsah Pinchus 

Paragraph-364) Within the Covid (Liver) and even more (Lilith) comes out bitterness, and the sword from the Malech HaMovet/ Angel of Death, comes out a drop of bitterness killing the human being. Afterwards comes the bitterness of wormwood. This is dependent on the Covid (Liver). All sickness and death is in the Covid (Liver). 

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